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Flat Earth Singes Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Flat Earth Singles, World’s First Flat Earth Dating Website, Offers Space For Companionship and Love “Safe and secure, Flat Earth Singles is the digital place for likeminded people to find one another in a welcoming, supportive environment for companionship, love, and dating.” 6 June 2019 – Flat Earth Singles, the world’s first dating website for likeminded flat earthers, or those who believe the earth is flat, makes finding meaningful relationships possible in the digital age. By helping


Tell Us How We’re Doing!

We here at Flat Earth Singles are dedicated to bringing you the best Flat Earth Dating site available! Now that the craziness of the initial launch is over, we would love to hear from our much-loved users about how they are enjoying the platform so far, how we can improve, and any other comments you may have. We would greatly appreciate our members taking the time to answer just a couple of simple questions about Flat Earth Singles, and what